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21 May
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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Resources in memories!

+ Join troo_luv4eva! It's a Buffy/Angel Icon Challenge that I USED to co-mod. It was the brainchild of amorousfear, and you should all join! It's good stuff. I still support it, although I don't run it anymore. The new, fabulous co-mod isthe_true_slayer. Because I suck and she rules.
+ I also co-mod a Jackie and Hyde 'shippers community called creepyunnatural. I'm completely obsessed with them. It's so wrong. You should come join.
Oh, and just because it's AHOMGLOOKHOWCUTE, I give you this made by luci_recs:

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH TO kajungirl81 WHO GOT ME A PAID ACCOUNT!!! I owe her my sanity.
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